Please, note that all the times are preliminary. Exact times will be published after entry is closed. EM Lahti Historic Rally’s international competitors starts the rally at 9:30.

Friday 12.8.2022

At 10:00 first regularity car starts from Lahti Harbour
At 10:30 first HRT-car starts from Lahti Harbour
At 13:50 first regularity car arrives to Service Park in Myrskylä
At 14:20 first HRT-car arrives to Service Pari in Myrskylä
At 18:50 first regularity car at finish of the race 1 at Lahti Hall
At 19:20 first HRT-car arrives to Service Park at Lahti Hall
At 20:15 first HRT-car to Parc Fermé In at P-Hansa-talo

Sun rises at 05:21 and goes down at 21:25

Saturday 13.8.2022
At 8:30 first HRT-cars from Parc Fermé Out at P-Hansa-talo
At 8:45 first regularity car starts to Race 2 at Lahti Harbour
At 9:00 ceremonial start: first HRT-car starts
At 10:00 first car to start 1-day rally from Lahti Harbour
At 13:00 first regularity car to Service Park in Lammi
At 13:30 first HRT-car to Service Pari in Lammi
At 18:00 first HRT-car to finish at Lahti Harbour
At 18:45 provisional results and prizegiving

Sun rises at 05:23 and goes down at 21:25