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National rally called Lammi -ralli. Competition is also having NEAFP-status, so there is possibility to drive with foreign country license. Many different classes, from Historic cars to R5 cars.

Route is same as in International Lahti Historic Rally.

Lammi-ralli regulations and entries

If you need more information or help, contact to

Lammi-ralli, Clerk of the course

Juha Koskela

+358400 487 725

Offers to Hotel:

Scandic City Lahti

Kauppakatu 10, Lahti



Standard room

96€ one person room/ night

116€ two person room/ night

Superior room

121€ one person room/ night

141€ two person room/ night

Rooms included organic food breakfast and wireless internet


Every guest booking the rooms self, straight from hotel´s sales department with those upper connections and using booking code HISTORIC RALLY. Booking until 24/7/2018.


Hotel Tallukka

Tallukantie 1

17200 Vääksy

Offer to competitors of Lahti Historic Rally

Prices, if you make your reservation with e-mail or phone or +358 388881

1 person room Standard  75€/night

2 person room Standard 86€/night

3 person room Standard 119€/night

4 person room Standard 139€/night

2 person room Superior 108€/night

Webshop prices are lower, but payment have to do same time as reservation, and there is no possibility to cancel the reservation later. Reservations with next prices only from webshop:


1 person room Standard 71€/night

2 person room Standard 81€/night

3 person room Standard 111€/night

4 person room Standard 131€/night

2 person room Superior 101€/night